Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Core Project - Exhibition Launch

Happy to be a part of The Core Project by Matthew Nevin from Ireland. 

‘The Core Project’ exhibition is a large-scale installation featuring over 150 videos from participants across the globe, filmed live answering a question that they have not previously seen. 
Opening 19th August, 2pm, Rua Red Gallery, Dublin.

*Big thanks to Jasmina Šušić, a fairiest fairy of them all, for connecting and making magic

This exhibition is one part of an ongoing, multifaceted, visual art project Nevin has been developing since 2010. For this installation, Nevin chose one respondent from each sovereign state in the world to contribute to the project by filming themselves answering a previously unseen question: “What is going to happen next?”

The project is as much about the participant’s verbal response as it is their attitude towards the unknown. A primary aim of the project is to engage citizens of the world in a global cultural experiment that serves to highlight the diversity and complexity of people; opening a door to individuals from all corners of the earth.

“Through this inclusive project, I wish to break down barriers on how Art can be perceived, created and viewed, with an aim to engage, unite and create a spark in people’s lives.” – M. Nevin

Prolećima si potreban, Nikola Radić | Kovačnica priča

Dizajn korica za knjigu pesama mladog autora Nikole Radića, Prolećima si potreban
Izdavač: Kovačnica priča, Beograd

Cover design for a poetry book Prolećima si potreban.
Publisher: Kovačnica priča, Belgrade

Poručite zbirku pesama Prolećima si potreban putem kontakt forme ili Fejsbuk stranice Kovačnice priča.
Prolećima si potreban je prva zbirka pesama Nikole Radića i druga knjiga edicije Trop Autsajder, koja se bavi novim glasovima domaće književnosti.

On the cover: my drawing (detail) of Porte Cailhau, Bordeaux, France

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Esej posvećen dizajneru knjiga - FPU Grafika knjige

Esej posvećen jednom dizajneru knjiga je zadatak na Master akademskim studijama na predmetu Grafika knjige na Fakultetu primenjenih umetnosti u Beogradu.
Autorka i studentkinja Tamara Petrovski je izabrala da piše o mom radu.
Pogledajte i eseje o drugim dizajnerima na ovom zanimljivom sajtu. :)

Essay dedicated to one book designer is a task on the Master Studies, on the Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade.
Author and student Tamara Petrovski chose to write about my work.
and check other book designers as well :)
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